About Us

Bridger Trains is the culmination of a creative collaboration of STEAM educators, software engineers, toy designers, and manufacturers.

Their goal - create a lifelong learning tool in the form of a toy that entertains, teaches, and challenges. It needed to be approachable, adaptable, and accomplishable by different ages. It needed to incorporate today’s technology and be futureproofed for tomorrow’s innovations.

It needed to be something kids would want to do and that adults would personally like as well. It had to be relatable. It needed to be able to grow in its own complexity and yet, be able to be used as an integral part of a larger play activity.  

No small task. 

The HummingWorks group embraced the challenge. Drawing on the creative expertise of the team’s multiple disciplines, Bridger Trains was conceived, designed, and tested. The result… Bridger Trains was embraced by children, parents and educators - in the United States, Japan and the United Kingdom.

The stage was set. Bridger Trains was ready to go global.

HummingWorks. Committed to Innovation

The HummingWorks team is a passionate group of creative thinkers committed to innovation and achieving excellence in what they do… and how they do it. 

Empowered to be imaginative, this highly motivated team is about accomplishing the “what if” and make it attainable to everyone. 

HummingWorks is a hive of innovative energy. It’s a diverse team of multiple discipline experts working together to ultimately improve the quality of life of its customers… and add a bit of joy to each of their days.  


Creating Quality Learning Activities that do More than Entertain

 Every HummingWorks toy origination begins with three clear objectives: 

    1. Design new products to exhilarate children, put a smile on their faces, and ensure them a sense of amazement, achievement, and accomplishment. 
    2. Activitiess need to provide and support the building blocks of a solid educational foundation and be academically scalable.
    3. Each HummingWorks product should be able to be easily interfaced as part of a dedicated toy systems or in companionship with other toys.

    Only after accomplishing these three objectives, does a HummingWorks product concept leap off the drawing board. 

    Why? The reason is simple.

    The HummingWorks group are parents as well as professional experts in their respective fields. We know what we want for our own children… and what our children want as well.


    What Educators Say about Bridger Trains

    In K-12 schools, STEAM educators have embraced Bridger Trains and its possibilities. 

    2018 saw the first school principal choose to allocate funds to implement Bridger Trains within the curriculum - prior to the teaching staff request!

    “We take a fresh approach to CS by using the Bridger train to calculate the kinetic energy of a train and to investigate energy stores and transfer.”
    Spencer Organ
    Science instructor, certified Raspberry Pi educator

    “The students can work together to build great models easily without technical challenges. It is very freidnly to assemble.”
    Hiroko Horie
    Tokyo public high school principal


    Are you a STEAM educator? Contact us to find out how Bridger can be used in the classroom.